meetings, workshoppin and pointing with your lips along the way

Product developments and outreach are starting to pick up and more people are starting to notice that Neech’D Out Games are needed with their program goals! So far I have taken part in leading several workshops, most recently with the Canadian Roots Exchange in Saskatoon! Our session had youth aged 18-24 from First Nations, Canadian and Peruvian backgrounds! It’s really encouraging to see that youth across the Americas are learning new things, having good laughs, feeling the stigmas and pointing with their lips along the way!

Working with older youth really helps me to see a different age group’s react not only to the material, but to the stigma labels. It helps me in a way that will help me see what this generation find’s as too harsh or too real. Although I want to make impacts in people’s mindsets and create senses of pride for Indigenous of this territory, it is important to not make negative impacts on people and reinforce some stereotypes.

It’s a good exchange when people want this workshop for their work goals. They want to specifically have the Neechi Life Game in their developments in the forms of ice breakers, full workshops and social events. This game is really diverse and meaningful at the same time.

I have a meeting today for another potential event! They require a model that will help them in an ice breaker for many older youth, business people and working adults. This might mean a new game to be born! A new game to say watstagats! Hahaha!

Everyone loves to laugh, why not come laugh with us?

Neech’D Out Games

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