#NeechedUpGames post ❤️


 For the ShopIndig start-up challenge, my idea was shared on a YouTube biz pitch (http://youtu.be/tjCsHGvqkOM). Out of 18 teams and individuals, mine made the top ten. I didn’t make the top 5, but I feel I made the decision really hard on the judges lol. I’m not even disappointed because I really did my best. Well, just maybe a tiny disappointed that I can’t move on but I’m mostly proud of myself and somewhat surprised. I TRIED. 


I’m proud of the top 5! Those people deserve the exposure, the prize money and recognition! I’ll get there. Leaving the competition after pitching (in a competition FOR THE FIRST TIME) I knew this was just a beginning for this journey. Most rewarding parts? Learning, honing my language in terms of networking and pitching, and using a variety of tools to work on my plan…


All I know is that I’m moving forward! I got a possible partnership with a national youth organization and another public speaking/spoken word slamming/Neeched Up Game playin’ trip to Northern MB in May too ☺️ one day I’ll be slaying dragons, and for now I’m just honing my craft. #hungry #nextlevel #sidefries to #mainfries lol

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