Chief Gamemaker


Tansi! Tawow!

Kikawīynaw Askīy nisīykasōn, Waskicōskih nīya ōci.

Hello! Welcome!

I am Janelle Pewapsconias. I am a Plains Cree woman from Little Pine First Nation. Currently I am based out of Saskatoon within Treaty 6 Territory. As Chief Game Maker of Neeched Up Games, I am an individual with passion and experience in educating and engaging youth with unique and diverse methods and tools.

I believe that there is much work to be done in terms of relationships between our cultures in Canada. I believe this is an opportunity for us all! Reconciliation is forgiveness in motion and we are in prime time to mend torn fabrics and rebuild a national fabric that honours all nations within the nation. We all laugh, and smile, and learn. So why not come laugh and learn with us at Neeched Up Games? 

Please feel free to contact me about hosting a workshop or session in your school, workplace or gathering.


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